Your 8-Week Personal Opportunity Assessment

Companies do it all the time…bring in a highly paid consultant to look into each facet of an organization’s current state of being, understand where the company wants to be, and use all the info they capture to generate a path to get to the desired goal. But how often do we take the time to engage in this kind of deep dive related to our own wellness? How helpful would it be to step back and take a structured, holistic look at all the areas of our life … to assess our own areas of opportunity?

This eight-week program mirrors the opportunity assessment approach I’ve worked in as a corporate consultant and strategic operations lead, applied to the context of functional medicine. We’ll use weekly themed approaches and exercises to support you in looking deeply into your own current state of mind, body and spirit, understanding where you’d like to be, and uncovering the next steps and approaches to get there.

Registration will begin in mid-March, Each registration includes full course materials, two 60-minute private coaching sessions, and guidance to create for yourself an end-of-program executive summary and roadmap. If this program may be right for you, simply provide your email below to receive a notice when we are open for registration.

I’d love to work with you to map your course. In the meantime, take care.

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