Wellness Book Club

The only rule of Book Club is to have fun in Book Club.

–Wellness book club unofficial motto

It’s free (except for the cost of the book, of course), it’s self-paced, and it provides access to a private chat group of like-minded wellness enthusiasts.

It’s Wellness Book Club!

September’s Pick Is…
The Hormone Cure, by Dr. Sara Gottfried

Not to sound too much like Stefon from Saturday Night Live, but this medically-backed hormonal wellness book has everything: hard science, approachability, humor, personal anecdotes, quizzes, recipes, and a list of clinical study and other research citations as long as my luteal phase used to be (insert rimshot here).

It’s not too late to join–simply sign up below and dial in and out as your schedule and interests dictate. Members receive access to a private Facebook group, a few emails and other thought starters as we read along, and the invitation to an optional Book Club Zoom session during the last week of the month to chat over your perspectives about the month’s read.

It would be great to have you in the Club. Click below to join the fun!

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