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We’ve now been at home for…a while. All the boxes that have remained unpacked since the last move are now unearthed like a time capsule from the 50s. We’ve caught up on sleep, binged our on Netflix, or spent the last month working insane hours in the “home office”—a dining room chair in the middle of downright bedlam. The Girl Scout Cookies are gone, sweatpants are all the rage, and we’ve learned way more than we ever thought we would again about the Revolutionary War and quadratic equations. Oh, and we’re now climbing the walls. Now what?

There is no time like the present for introspection. No moment like now to learn a bit more about yourself. No opportunity like this one to grow in a way way you’ve wanted to for a while, or to discover in which way you’d like to grow in the first place. No time like the present to become more YOU.

This program is a rolling monthly online format with fresh content every month. Week 1 focuses on the physical body, Week 2 on food as medicine, Week 3 on mental and emotional health, and Week 4 on energy and spirituality. Each week you’ll receive an e-mail to introduce the topic for the week, with supporting info on the members-only site. At the end of each month, you have the opportunity to join a group online meeting with other members to chat over what you’ve discovered during the month.


Content is fresh month to month; no standard, repeated curriculum


Each month focuses on week each on body, nutrition, mind, and spirit


Content delivered weekly and designed for easy management


100% online with an optional month-end Zoom group meeting

Tuition is typically $19 per month, given all that’s happening around us right now, we want to make access to this kind of program a bit easier. Those enrolling now will do so at a monthly fee of $10 for as many months as you continue in the program. There is no auto-renewal (heck, our stripped-down software version doesn’t even have that feature), so you can participate for as many months as you like, take a break when you prefer, and come back when you’re ready for more. The win is the a-ha moment—betcha you’ll have at least one!

All courses start on the first Monday of the month. Subscribe to Will Daniel Wellness below to receive info on August’s cohort, and get an FYI when the signup window opens.

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