Services at a Glance

A coaching relationship can take one of several shapes, and can morph in keeping with your specific needs as a client. Read on to learn more.

Health Coaching

When you engage in health coaching, you’re engaging in partnership. Your coach is a sounding board, support system, brainstorm partner, and information source in your journey to wellness. 

Guided Programs

Will Daniel Wellness offers occasional structured wellness programs that work toward specific goals. Learn more about our current local and online offerings.


We are excited to have recently launched a members-only community on Within this forum we will articles, videos, program discounts, and other regular ideas and information. Membership cost for all of the above is $3 per month.

Sum Sanos

Will Daniel Wellness is now supporting the Sum Sanos weight loss and wellness program. This 12-month structured program supports your personal journey of habit change through guided modules and self-directed exercises, along with monthly coaching sessions with Will Daniel Wellness.

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