How Does It Work?

When you engage in health coaching, you’re engaging in partnership. Your coach is a sounding board, support system, brainstorm partner, and information source in your journey to wellness. No two sessions are the same, as no two clients, lives, or stories are the same, but each session follows a consistent format:


Will Daniel Wellness will soon have Friday office hours available in the North Atlanta area, but the remainder of our other work is done via video conference. We utilize the Zoom video conference technology, which provides private, free-of-charge video and audio services. Your coach will share with you a link to a Zoom meeting room well prior to your scheduled time. You may use smartphone, iPad or computer to access Zoom. Sessions are NOT recorded.


A fundamental concept of Functional Medicine Health Coaching is that you, the client, are always in the driver’s seat. Your sessions will focus on YOU, and we’ll discuss whatever situation, goal or opportunity you’d like to focus on. Finally, we listen closely; you’ll find that your coach listens much more than he or she talks during a session.


We are trained to cover topics across a broad spectrum of mind-body-spirit wellness, and so any given conversation may cover nutrition, exercise, meditation, self-care, or something else entirely. In some cases, we cover a few of these topics in one sitting!

We do want to clarify, however, that our scope of practice starts and stops with coaching. We are not healthcare practitioners, which means we can’t prescribe a diet, medical or fitness solution for you. However, we can support you along a path that you and/or your doctor have identified, or help you as you navigate your way through decision processes.


Health Coaching by its very nature is not a field indicated as a one-time visit. From session to session, we work with you to assess where you are, where you’d like to be, and how we’ll get there, and we continue to deepen that focal area and broaden into other parts of your life over the course of time. After all, you are a masterpiece, and a masterpiece is perfected stroke by stroke, right?

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