Corporate Wellness

Are your colleagues truly well?

This is the question at the crux of our approach to corporate wellness consulting. And it is a universally applicable one, spanning all industries, functions and organizational types, from the Fortune 50 multinational firm to the nonprofit startup. Regardless of where or in what capacity individuals work to support the success of the company that you lead, we believe you have a responsibility to ensure that those colleagues are supported in the heath and zeal of their minds, bodies and spirits.

Stacy Joslin directly leads corporate engagements at Will Daniel Wellness, applying her functional medicine and fitness credentials within the backdrop of a 20-year career in corporate leadership. She has taken the strategic project management paradigm in which she is an expert and created from that a rigorous and complete approach to implementing corporate wellness programs that meet the unique shapes of organizations as well as the universal wellness needs of the human beings within them. From opportunity assessment through ongoing management, she will partner with you to create and nurture a program to fit your organization’s unique footprint—one that will, in turn, nurture your employees.

Corporate Engagement Anchor Points

  • Built upon facts and data—Stacy’s first step in working with you will be to understand your current environment, climate, programs and needs. She will also conduct an independent survey of your employee base in order to understand directly from them their needs and the opportunities that those needs present.
  • Developed over time—Our corporate wellness programs roll out gradually and deliberately; this is a function of the bespoke nature of our recommendations. The first implementation to your organization may be an educational program, series of yoga or meditation classes, or individual/group health coaching. Offerings will grow from there based on agreed approaches resulting from the assessment we’ve conducted together and the opportunities it has shown us.
  • Intended for eventual self-sustainability—Stacy believes whole-heartedly in enabling self-sufficiency. The corporate wellness strategic plan that we build together will include the steps we’ll take toward enabling your organization to internally manage the program long-term, with check-ins as needed with Stacy at points to tweak and adjust. Stacy will support every step of this internal enablement, from function design to recruiting support and everything in between.

To begin a conversation around whether corporate wellness consulting may be right for your organization, reach out to Stacy here.

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