Welcome to Will Daniel Wellness. I’m Stacy Joslin, a wellbeing coach and Will Daniel’s Chief Zeal Officer. I’d like to share with you the ways in which I support clients in optimizing their overall wellness, and help organizations to best support the wellbeing of the colleagues in their care.

Wellbeing Coaching

My coaching is based on the principles of functional medicine, which takes an integrated mind-body-spirit approach to prevention and wellness and believes that a person’s overall health is based on all of these areas working together in concert. I help clients to identify and fulfill goals related to any aspect of their mind-body-spirit wellness, with the goal of optimizing overall health allowing them to really and truly feel their zeal.

My Approach

I believe that wellbeing is holistic–it’s the full integration of every part of you–mind, body and spirit–working in synergy. When you work with Will Daniel Wellness, you will see these core beliefs and practices at play:

  • The client is in the driver’s seat
  • The road is curvier than it is straight
  • Laughter is good
  • The best thinking is outside the box
  • N = 1


My areas of focus are broad, and tailored to the needs of each client, but there are a few specific topics in which I have deeper specialization:

Professional Health

Having spent 20-plus years in corporate America, I have a deep passion for helping clients to find and nurture their professional purpose–to identify and embrace their “why.”

Nurturing of the Self

I truly believe that self-care is critical to overall health, and I support clients to understanding what self care means for them, and then incorporating this important element into their lives.

Preventative Wellness

Personal experience has shown me that making small but smart changes to physical, nutritional, social or other factors has a real impact in preventing illness and allowing wellbeing to bloom.

Prescribed Pathways

My functional medicine background enables me to knowledgeably support practitioner-prescribed programs requiring condition-specific plans or protocols.


Will Daniel Wellness offers one-on-one coaching, group programs tied to specific goals and themes, and workplace wellness consulting for organizations of all sizes. Learn more each of these areas below.

How We’ll Work Together

When you engage in this type of coaching, you’re engaging in a partnership. I will be your sounding board, support system, brainstorm partner, deep listener and information source in your journey to wellness. No two sessions are the same, as no two clients, lives, or stories are the same, but each session follows a consistent format:


A fundamental concept of functional medicine health coaching is that you, the client, are always in the driver’s seat. Your sessions will focus on YOU, and we’ll discuss whatever situation, goal or opportunity you’d like to focus on. Finally, I will listen closely; you’ll find that I listen much more than I talk during a session.


I am trained to cover topics across a broad spectrum of mind-body-spirit wellness, and so any given conversation may cover nutrition, exercise, meditation, self-care, or something else entirely. In some cases, we cover a few of these topics in one sitting!


Health Coaching by its very nature is not a field indicated as a one-time visit. From session to session, we’ll assess where you are, where you’d like to be, and how we’ll get there, and continue to deepen that focal area and broaden into other parts of your life over the course of time. After all, you are a masterpiece, and a masterpiece is perfected stroke by stroke, right?

If coaching with Will Daniel Wellness sounds like it may be right for you, let’s chat a bit more. Click below to schedule a free-of-charge 30-minute consultation.

I invite you to follow Will Daniel Wellness on whichever social media tool you prefer. I also share information via email from time to time. My goal is to do that factually, supportively, and with a pretty healthy sprinkling of humor. To be in the loop on those occasional e-mails, just complete the subscription form to the right.

Thanks for listening, and please be well.


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